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Planning ahead for high asset divorce

While there are certainly marriages that end suddenly and without warning, many spouses in Texas are aware that divorce is imminent long before the papers are filed. Spouses can take advantage of the early inklings of a breakup to make crucial preparations for the future. In a high asset divorce, there is often a great deal at stake. Planning for the future can ensure a more positive financial transition into post-divorce life.

High asset divorce may stem from lack of partnership

Most married couples in Texas are not surprised to hear when researchers link divorce with money issues. Struggles or disputes over money have been a primary reason for divorce for generations, and hearing this in newer studies is not a shock. However, as the roles of men and women change in marriages, couples facing a high asset divorce may be interested in the conclusions of the latest research.

After high asset divorce, wealthy men prefer to remarry

It is no secret that men and women often view marriage differently. As generations pass, the roles of men and women in a family evolve, and the attitudes about those roles change. A recent study of couples who have experienced a high asset divorce shows yet another shift in thinking about marriage in general. Texas couples may be interested in the findings of this study.

Mel B's high asset divorce includes prenuptial agreement

The lifestyles of celebrities provide as much entertainment as the movies or music they produce. For many in Texas, the luxurious homes, cars and clothing of famous people seem to be a fantasy anyone would want. However, when the personal struggles of a star become news, the truth often emerges. This may be especially true when a celebrity is involved in a high asset divorce.

In a high asset divorce, a spouse may hide money with Bitcoin

Once a marriage begins to deteriorate, issues of trust often emerge. In fact, trust may be the problem which erodes the marriage in the first place. Texas couples may find that their hopes for an amicable parting dissolve when the time comes to divide the marital property. In a high asset divorce, one spouse may suspect that the other partner is not being entirely honest about the wealth they share.

Guitar at the center of Frances Cobain's high asset divorce

Music fans in Texas are likely familiar with the story of Kurt Cobain. While his death made headlines, it is his daughter's high asset divorce that is in the news currently. As part of the split,  Frances Bean Cobain and her estranged husband, Isaiah Silva, are battling over Kurt's guitar.

When confidentiality matters in a divorce

We have all seen the divorce cases that turn into a media spectacle, especially when high-profile couples are involved. Their personal lives become tabloid gossip, and private details about marital indiscretions, abuse allegations or financial holdings are exposed to the world.

Lowering risks during high asset divorce in Texas

Every divorce comes with its own issues as well as its own perks. Finding one's way through a high asset divorce in Texas will take some navigating, researching, appraising, forensic account digging and possibly even business valuations. Most people think of assets as something tangible rather than intangible. Both tangible assets, such as houses, and intangible assets, such as bank accounts, are certainly taken into consideration during a divorce.

Is your Facebook page ready for a high asset divorce?

When Texas marriages involving significant financial holdings and the potential for alimony come to an end, the parties often hunker down and prepare for a courtroom battle. They expect a high asset divorce to focus on the money, not their Facebook pages. However, in this age of technological advances, electronic communications and social media, they should make sure that their Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and other electronic forms of communication are ready to be scrutinized by attorneys and judges.

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