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A realm of its own: military divorce concerns and considerations

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2016 | Uncategorized

Many divorcing couples run into formidable challenges in crafting a workable parenting plan involving their children even when they are striving mightily to do so while seated next to each other and being acutely focused on the matter.

Imagine how much more difficult such a thing can be when one parent is residing in or near San Antonio and the other is several thousand miles away — and far beneath the ocean’s surface — in a nuclear submarine. Or perhaps in a fighter squadron in Okinawa or Korea. Or somewhere in the Middle East or Europe or anywhere else globally where American military personnel serve their country.

Although divorce in Texas and elsewhere comes with its distinct challenges in any given case, a marital dissolution in which one or both partners are military members can seem exponentially more challenging.

As we note on our family law website at the San Antonio Law Offices of Rebecca Gonzalez, P.C., a divorce involving servicemembers (or one between a military member and a non-serving spouse) often “adds layers of red tape and complications.”

That reality certainly militates against the advisability of enlisting the aid of an attorney who has handled only civilian divorces to provide counsel and representation in a military divorce.

Our law firm has provided sound, creative and client-empathetic representation to many servicemembers and their spouses in military divorces, buttressed by our long-tenured and cumulative experience helping clients stationed at many military installations across Texas.

We will address many specifics (e.g., military retirement benefits, custody issues, notice requirements and more) relating to military divorces in upcoming blog posts.

We truly appreciate our readers, and hope that you find our weekly entries topical, informative and personally relevant. We welcome your questions and contacts to the firm.

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