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Failing to comply with a settlement in a high asset divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2016 | Uncategorized

Texas movie fans might have seen that Johnny Depp and Amanda Heard finally came to an agreement to end their marriage and close the proceedings. For a while, it appeared that the media heard the last from this Hollywood couple, but recent accusations by Heard have put the couple back into the spotlight. She claims that Depp failed to comply with the settlement reached in their high asset divorce

Heard’s legal team filed a Request for Order with the court recently. In it, she claims that Depp has not yet paid the first two installments of their $7 million settlement, transferred the Range Rover to her or divided personal property. She also wants him to pay her legal fees.

Apparently, instead of paying the money owed to Heard in the settlement, Depp attempted to donate it to the charities to which Heard proclaimed she was going to donate all of the funds from her settlement. She insists that the money be given to her directly as outlined in the settlement. In addition, each party is accusing the other of violating the confidentiality provisions of the agreement.

Like Depp and Heard’s high asset divorce, a Texas divorce might not necessarily end when the ink dries on the settlement paperwork. If one of the parties fails to comply with the agreement, it might be necessary to return to court to have it enforced. A divorce attorney can attempt to resolve the issues without court intervention, but will be prepared to do so if the other side fails to cooperate.

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