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Military divorce should not be considered lightly

Few people in Texas understand the stresses of a military marriage unless they have been inside one. Deployments, frequent moves and the emotional distance that belong to military life take their tolls on relationships. Because enduring a military divorce can be equally as stressful, family advocates urge spouses to try to work through the difficult times to preserve their marriages before seeking a divorce.

Whether one is a civilian or servicemember, having an understanding of the Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act is essential in these circumstances. This federal law makes provisions for former military spouses, including insurance benefits and retirement pay. Because retirement pay is typically treated as marital or community property by states during a divorce, both spouses should understand how this act will affect them if they decide to divorce.

Divorcing a servicemember often means losing friendships and support systems that have developed over the years of difficult military life. Many spouses are surprised by how much this change affects them after a divorce. Friendships forged through challenging times are often difficult to replace. This is something couples may want to consider if they are contemplating divorce.

After giving every effort, some Texas couples still find they cannot recover and that it is best to end the marriage. When this happens, seeking the help of an attorney with comprehensive experience in military divorce is crucial. Many issues and concerns in military divorces are not like those in civilian breakups, and a person’s attorney should have a history of success in this specialized area. Knowing their rights and having an attorney to help them through may make the difference in the standard of life military couples achieve after a divorce.

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