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After high asset divorce, wealthy men prefer to remarry

It is no secret that men and women often view marriage differently. As generations pass, the roles of men and women in a family evolve, and the attitudes about those roles change. A recent study of couples who have experienced a high asset divorce shows yet another shift in thinking about marriage in general. Texas couples may be interested in the findings of this study.

According to the study, most wealthy men are open to marrying again within five years after a divorce. While “love” is listed as the primary goal for 60 percent of that group, others did say they are looking for a beautiful woman to “spoil” or with whom to “share their wealth.” However, in excess of 90 percent of those open to remarrying say they also expect their new mates to have established careers of their own. The study concluded that for all their money, most wealthy men do not want to be alone.

By contrast, the study indicated that successful women who have endured a divorce are not interested in second chances. Over 70 percent of wealthy divorced women said they would never remarry, at least not for 10 years or more. Furthermore, successful women seem to be seeking prenuptial agreements more frequently than ever before, with nearly 46 percent requesting the contracts before marriage. Many women also refuse to marry a man who is beneath their financial level.

Statistics have long suggested that each marriage after the first has fewer chances of survival. A second marriage has a 67 percent chance of ending in divorce, and a third marriage’s chance of divorce increases to 73 percent. Texas couples with substantial assets are not eager to put their wealth at risk by seeking a divorce without experienced legal counsel. A lawyer to assist with a high asset divorce can help protect one’s rights and property.

Source:, “The Unfortunate Secret of the Wealthy Divorcee“, Daniel Dashnaw, Accessed on April 11, 2017

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