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Business valuation may be necessary if joint owners divorce

For many in Texas, joining together as a couple goes beyond sharing a home and raising a family. Some couples decide that starting their own business is the best way to use their common talents. When both the business and the marriage are successful, things may be ideal. However, if the marriage doesn’t last, the business may suffer, and in some cases, this may require a business valuation.

A business is an important asset that must be considered if a couple decides to divorce. If the couple did not plan for this contingency with a prenuptial agreement or an exit strategy, they may be forced to sort it out at the emotional height of their divorce. With this in mind, there are several options a couple may consider.

If the two remain amicable, they may be able to continue running the business as partners. This is a difficult undertaking, but it avoids many legal complications. However, if this arrangement is not possible, one partner may decide to buy out the other, or the two may elect to sell the business and split the assets. Either of these options will require a valuation of the business. Determining how much the business is worth is a complex enterprise, and it is best left to Texas professionals who are able to ascertain the value beyond the simple inventory of the company.

Couples facing the dissolution of their marriages have a lot to consider. Division of marital assets is often complex and stressful. If they are also dealing with a joint business, they may find the answers and guidance they seek by consulting an attorney with the experience and resources for business valuation.

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