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Military divorce may mean declining communication with children

No matter the circumstances, divorce is a disruption to any Texas family. Plans, routines and finances may be thrown into disarray for a period of time until disputes are settled and new systems are put into place. In a military divorce, however, there may be special considerations to make. Because of the delicate balance of family life and military service, couples going through a divorce may face unique complications.

Even if a military couple’s divorce left them with an agreeable custody arrangement, that schedule may become irrelevant if the servicemember is deployed or transferred to another state. Such a move may ultimately mean the loss of physical connection between a military parent and his or her children. The servicemember may fear losing custody altogether and may have to fight to maintain communication with his or her children.

Fortunately, technology allows parents and children to keep in contact through a variety of digital tools. When a servicemember is away from home, it may be difficult to keep up with important changes and developments regarding the children. Keeping lines of communication open for the duration of the deployment is important to maintaining the vital bond between the children and their distant parent.

Sometimes a servicemember is in a situation where the co-parent is uncooperative or reluctant to allow the deployed parent regular, electronic communication with the children. In this case, the servicemember may need to seek the help of a Texas attorney. A compassionate family law attorney with knowledge and experience in the unique factors in a military divorce will advocate for the rights of a parent who desires to remain close to his or her children while serving our country.

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