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High asset divorce may require thorough appraisal of assets

When business partners go their separate ways, they typically obtain an objective valuation of their interests in the company to ensure each partner receives a fair share of the payout. When dealing with a high asset divorce, a similar valuation may be necessary. In fact, many spouses in Texas may not even realize the full value of their assets, and this could hinder them from receiving what they deserve and need for a comfortable future.

One area of a couple’s finances that may require professional valuation is investment-related interests. Stock options, for example, may carry contingencies of which one spouse may not be aware. Since valuation of investments is more specialized than valuating a business, divorcing spouses may seek the advice of an attorney with experience in complex divorces who may have access to resources for complicated valuations.

Even if a couple’s life insurance policies earn value, they may not consider them assets. Nevertheless, depending on the age of the policy and amount of benefits, these policies could carry substantial worth. The division of these assets may be tricky, and couples will certainly want professional advice for handling it.

In order to maintain the lifestyle after a divorce as close as possible to what one is accustomed, it may benefit a couple to obtain a lifestyle analysis, including a forensic accounting of how the couple routinely spent money. Dealing with the complex matters in a high asset divorce are best accomplished with professional help. An experienced Texas attorney who is affiliated with experts in many areas of property valuation will be of great benefit.

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