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Military divorce not surprisingly linked to job stress

Texas couples are probably no longer surprised to hear statistics about high divorce rates in the country. They may even have their own opinions for the reasons why so many marriages end in divorce. With the high population of military families in Texas, many may assume that military divorce rates are even higher than those of the civilian population. A recent study shows this assumption is not far off the mark.

The research examined divorce rates for those under 30 working in various industries. Among those with the highest rate of divorce are first-line military supervisors, especially enlisted servicemembers. In fact, 30 percent of those in this line of employment divorce before the age of 30. Perhaps not surprisingly, three of the top 10 occupations with the highest divorce rates are military.

Those analyzing the data surmise that the stress of any job may challenge a marriage, especially if it includes long hours and physical demands. Life in the military defines such conditions. Military spouses may be away from home for months at a time and have difficulty readjusting to civilian life upon their return. Additionally, many servicemembers may suffer from PTSD, the symptoms of which may be difficult for spouses to understand or handle.

Because life in the military is often a burden on families, there are certain protections and policies in place for a military divorce of which civilians may not be aware. Those who may be facing the end of their marriages can obtain sound advice from a Texas attorney with experience in military law. Many find that having such an advocate makes the process of divorce a little less stressful.

Source:, “Zippia Study Shows Jobs With Highest Divorce Rates“, Sam Blum, July 11, 2017

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