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Air Force making child custody easier for military parents

For many airmen in Texas, being forced to relocate for Air Force assignments has made it difficult for them to spend time with their children. The situation becomes even more complicated if a service member is divorced and wants to spend as much time with his or her children as possible. Previously, child custody matters weren’t taken into consideration when the Air Force gave out assignments. However, the Air Force has recently elected to change that.

The Air Force plans to station airmen near their children

When possible, the Air Force has announced that they will now station airmen near their children. This enables them to maintain healthy relationships with their kids while still completing their military duties. In the past, they could be assigned anywhere whether it was several miles or states away.

However, there are some exceptions. This new policy only applies to airmen who are blood-related to their children or have legally adopted them. Additionally, they must have received a court order that grants them custody of their children. If they meet these qualifications, they can ask for a different assignment or request that their assignment be deferred.

In a statement, Air Force officials said they were happy to help airmen keep their families together. Since divorce can be a long, drawn-out process that involves attorneys with experience in family law, people need to maintain custody by staying close to their children. Additionally, it can reduce the need for airmen to relocate and move their entire families.

Despite these considerations, the Air Force ultimately has the last say in the matter. If an airman is needed for an assignment, he or she will have no choice but to relocate. However, the Air Force will consider the airmen’s families whenever possible.

How can you fight for custody of your children?

Many people put off filing for divorce because they don’t want to lose custody of their children. However, a family law attorney could help you end a toxic marriage and maintain custody of your children while doing so. A lawyer may help you present an argument that proves that you’re the best provider for your children.

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