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Are divorced people happy?

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2020 | Divorce

It is a common belief among people in Texas and other parts of the country that divorced individuals are less happy than people who are single or remain married. But the truth is people who go through a divorce can enjoy the same level of health and happiness as anyone else.

Studies do not tell the complete story

The best studies on divorce include data taken from large groups of people living in a variety of situations. This compilation of data provides tendencies and averages related to divorcees. The reports produced by these studies often include only these tendencies. People with access to the original data know that many participants are presently happier than any other time in their lives.

Time moves forward

Divorce can represent one of the most painful experiences in the life of an individual. But life goes on. One study tracked the progress of 30,000 divorcees in Germany for 18 years. The low point for many of these individuals was the year before the divorce became final. The majority of study participants felt much better about their lives nine months after the divorce, and their outlook on life grew progressively better with time.

Times are changing

There was a time in America when people viewed divorce as a bad thing. This fact was especially true for women who were previously married. Americans today are much more accepting of the idea of divorce. Evidence of the changing attitudes is the fact that only 20% of families today include a married couple and their children.

Divorce can bear positive results

People who are unhappy in their marriages often feel obligated to “work things out.” Even when it becomes obvious that fixing the situation is not possible, a married person may be reluctant to leave the union. But sometimes choosing divorce is a sign the person loves him or herself enough to walk away from a situation that is not working. This self-love will serve a person well as he or she works to rebuild his or her life after a divorce.

Divorce is always a difficult decision to make. When ending a marriage represents the best option for an individual, it helps if the process moves along as quickly and smoothly as possible. People with questions about ending their marriages may benefit from speaking with a divorce attorney.

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