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How to be a good father if you are on deployment

It can be difficult to show how much you love your child in the midst of a divorce, but it can be even more difficult if you are divorced and on deployment. It is possible to be a good father whether you’re at home in Texas or you’re deployed.

Divorce and the military

Service members who are on active duty are more likely to face divorce at a rate of 3.1%. Many military spouses feel that there is a lack of stability in their relationship when one spouse is away all the time. This leads to a host of other child custody concerns because your spouse may receive the higher share of custody of your child after your divorce.

Being a father on deployment

It is important that your child know you are still there for them while you are on deployment, especially if your spouse has the most custody. Some tips are:

  • Enforce that you are safe.
  • Call or email your children as often as possible.
  • Send personalized letters to your children so that they have a surprise.
  • Send pictures of yourself home.
  • Send gifts for birthdays and holidays.
  • Share stories with your children and keep them informed.

Getting legal help with child custody matters

Deployment is difficult for any member of the military, but it is especially difficult when you are dealing with divorce as well. This stress is not only felt by you because as your children face the effects as well. Be sure to keep your children at the center to let them know how much you care for them as their father. You may want to contact a lawyer to help you through the child custody process.

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