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Child custody and military parents

There are plenty of military families based in Texas. Unfortunately, some of them need to deal with issues related to divorce. When it comes to child custody, having one or both parents in the military creates new challenges. Instead of using a standard parenting plan, there is a military parenting plan available to parents in this situation.

Military parenting plans

Child custody becomes more complicated when one parent is in the military. Deployments, mobilization and other duties may prevent the parent from seeing his or her child on a strict schedule. Military parenting plans account for this. They specify which party will have legal and physical custody of any minor children when the parent in the military is away.

In some cases, the other natural parent is not seen as fit to have custody when the other parent is away. When that happens, the custodial parent is able to select another person who will look after the child in their absence. It may be a good idea to discuss issues around that arrangement with an attorney. Sometimes, there are permissions that only a parent or legal guardian can provide.

Often, military parents are not able to visit their children as often as they would like. When someone is deployed, it may be able to designate another family member to take over visitation time. So, for example, a grandparent may be able to visit when the parent is away.

Relocation issues

Military parents may also need to relocate frequently. It’s a good idea to write relocation provisions into the parenting plan before it becomes an issue. When a military member with minor children is going through a divorce, finding the right lawyer is crucial. Look for someone who understands the ins and outs of child custody for military parents.

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