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Steps to take to reinvent yourself post-divorce

Sometimes, relationships simply run their course. While you and your spouse may not have got into some dramatic fight, you may have a gut feeling that the marriage will never get better and that you want a divorce. Perhaps you feel that the two of you have simply grown apart over the years, or that you do not have the freedom within the relationship to live life how you want to.

If you are longing to go through a divorce so that you are able to finally live the life that you’ve always wanted, this pursuit will not come without its hurdles. You will still need to mourn the relationship and take steps to move on in a positive way. The following are steps you can take to reinvent yourself post-divorce.

Take time to feel

Once you have let your spouse know of your intention to file for divorce, it’s time to come to terms with the fact that your marriage is over. The fact that you are the one initiating the divorce does not mean that you will not have to mourn the loss of the relationship. You may want to keep a journal during this time to help you process your emotions and your healing journey.

Keep focused on the end-goal

Going through the divorce process will likely come with its challenges. You and your divorcing spouse may be conflicted on certain divorce issues, which may require litigation. During this difficult time, you need to focus on how you envision your life improving in the future.

Take steps toward your dream life

You may benefit from making a list of the things you want to do and feel when you are single. You might want to decorate a new home to your own taste, take up a new hobby, or simply go on vacation alone. These goals will help keep you motivated.

If you want to reinvent yourself and go through a divorce, you need to first put in place a well-planned divorce strategy.

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