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Has financial abuse undermined your security during marriage?

People decide to end their marriages for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes, an individual recognizes that they have changed and that the relationship no longer supports their social and emotional growth.

Other times, it will be infidelity or bad behavior from one spouse that pushes the other to end the marriage. Abuse is a common reason for people to divorce, and not just physical abuse.

Emotional abuse and financial abuse are less well known, but they can both damage a marital relationship and put a couple on a path to divorce court. Do you know how to recognize the signs of financial abuse?

Financial abuse might involve blackmail or withholding of access

Financial abuse can take many forms. Sometimes, it looks like one person depriving another of their property and wages through fraud, coercion or threats. Other times, the financial abuse might involve blackmail, even within a marriage. One spouse might use the past behavior of the other to solicit money or gifts from their partner.

Perhaps the most common form of financial abuse involves cutting one’s spouse completely off from resources. By not allowing them to access accounts or control property, their partner diminishes their independence and ability to leave if they want to.

Financial infidelity is different but also concerning

You don’t have to experience financial abuse for inappropriate monetary issues to affect your marriage. Financial infidelity can also be an issue. It involves one spouse lying to the other or hiding certain assets.

If you have experienced financial abuse or financial infidelity, separating your finances from that of your spouse through a divorce can be the best way to regain your independence.

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