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Can you catch the itch to divorce when a friend files?

Your best friend got married before you did. The two of you have maintained a close relationship despite raising your separate families, and now your friend has turned to you because they recently filed for divorce.

Some people will quickly tell you that you want to maintain a firm boundary with anyone going through relationship troubles. These people believe that divorce or relationship dissatisfaction is largely the result of societal pressure rather than a reflection on the relationship.

Is it true that divorce is contagious? Could a friend’s divorce actually eventually lead to your own?

Divorced appears to affect someone’s larger social circle

Despite what some people will claim, those who feel happy, supported and satisfied in their relationships are unlikely to file for divorce, even if everyone in their inner circle ends their marriages. However, those who have long ignored feelings of unhappiness and dissatisfaction may suddenly get the itch to end their marriage when a friend files.

Hearing one person talk about infidelity or abuse can make someone realize that their own marriage is unhappy. Seeing the reality of divorce — the stressors and the Independence that results — can give some people the courage to file for divorce. Researchers have found that those who have a close friend or family member divorce are up to 75% more likely than others to consider divorce themselves.

It’s worth noting that overall, however, divorce rates have started to decline in recent years. If you find yourself considering a divorce filing, it’s important that you educate yourself about the process in Texas before you make any moves. Having the right knowledge and support make it easier for you to thrive after a divorce.


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