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What are the most common causes of divorce?

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2021 | Divorce

While every relationship is unique, many divorces result from a few common factors. Understanding these deal-breakers can potentially help individuals determine the next steps to take when they are unsure about the fate of their marriage.

Review some of the most frequent causes of divorce based on sociological and statistical research.


Psychology Today cited physical and emotional affairs as one of the most common preventable causes of divorce. While many couples do work through episodes of infidelity, others ultimately decide to end the marriage. Texas is one of the few states in which courts consider adultery in alimony determinations, preventing a person who strays from receiving spousal support. This conduct may also affect property division if one spouse used marital assets to support an affair.

Financial issues

The AARP reports that that differences in how to handle money contribute to many divorces, particularly among older adults. A common conflict arises when one person stays home to care for children and the other controls the family finances as the breadwinner. In another frequent issue, one person spends money while the other prioritizing saving. A prenuptial agreement can help couples get on the same page about how to manage finances.

Lack of compatibility

Many couples find they are no longer on the same page after years or decades of living together. When this occurs, they may be able to file for an amicable divorce.

Individuals filing for divorce in Texas can choose to pursue either a fault or no-fault divorce depending on the cause of the rift.

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