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Should I worry about single discrimination if I get a divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2022 | Divorce

Going through a divorce can turn your world upside down. In a moment, the relationship you counted on can feel like sand through your fingers.

As you start to consider this new chapter a positive change, you may begin to experience changes in how other people treat you once you are single. Unlike other protected classes with groups to support them, you may feel isolated trying to advocate for your right to be included.

Here’s what you should know about single discrimination and what it looks like.

It happens everywhere

When you think about a term like discrimination, you may think about the workplace. Still, single discrimination can happen in many different areas.

In one study, researchers looked at information about realtors talking to pairs of people about renting a property, a married couple, a cohabitating couple and a man and woman presenting as friends. The realtors chose the married couple in a clear 61 percent majority.

You may also see signs of discrimination among your friends. While you may be confident going to events as a single, you may see more hesitation to extend an invitation after your divorce.

Understanding your needs

There seems to be neverending pressure to get married, stay married or get remarried. For some, this pressure can lead to staying in a relationship that is not healthy.

Knowing that single discrimination exists is one step toward getting comfortable with the decision to get a divorce. While you may worry about discrimination, subtle or otherwise, it is crucial to know when you need to move toward the next part of your story and advocate for what is right for you.

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