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Will co-parenting or parallel parenting work better for you?

On Behalf of | May 23, 2022 | Divorce

While negotiating your parenting plan, tensions may start running high as you try to settle on a framework that works for your family. However, if the traditional path of co-parenting does not seem like it will work, do you have any other choices?

You may not realize that you have options when crafting a plan for your children after divorce. A parallel plan may work better in some circumstances, especially in the immediate aftermath of the court process. Learn some of the differences between the two parenting types to help you decide if one may work better than the other.

What is co-parenting?

The standard model of parenting children after divorce is a cooperative agreement. In this, parents agree to make some decisions together when it comes to how to parent children between the two homes. In a co-parenting relationship, you and your ex would agree to keep the lines of communication open and talk through issues regarding your children as they crop up.

What is parallel parenting?

Sometimes a divorcing couple has a difficult time compromising. In a particularly high-stakes or contentious divorce, the thought of having a co-parenting relationship with each other seems impossible. In this instance, you may want to think about crafting a parallel parenting plan. This type of agreement sets out a schedule and all the same issues addressed by a co-parenting arrangement. A parallel plan differs by taking out the need for parents to confer directly with each other and often appoints a neutral party to handle any conflict or change.

What works for others may not work for your situation. Do not try and make your family fit into a parenting plan that will fail. Take your time deciding what works and consult someone who may have the know-how to get you through it.

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