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4 Myths About Divorce In Texas

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2022 | Divorce

Common misconceptions about divorce may cause people to feel uncertain even when they know their decision is the right one. Learning about some of the most prevalent myths may provide people with some peace of mind.

When the reason for a split is both legitimate and ethical, that choice may be the door to a lifetime of unexpected and fulfilling opportunities.

There has to be someone at fault

There does not have to be a dramatic, extenuating reason for a split. Sometimes, a change in beliefs, lack of compatibility, the death of a child and even an unexpected injury or disability may drive a wedge between a couple making reconciliation difficult.

People will lose 50% of their wealth

Going from shared financial obligations and income and then adjusting to independence once more will have its ups and downs. However, the claim that courts split all assets 50/50 is not true. Courts assess a variety of factors before determining the fairest way to separate assets.

People cannot find happiness

Divorce can provide unhappy couples with the freedom, autonomy and relief they have sought for so long. According to Psychology Today, many studies touting the unhappiness of divorced people are the results of an average. This average is relatively small, providing an inaccurate depiction of the overall picture. Divorced people can be just as happy as their married friends, especially if their split improved their quality of life.

Legal help is not necessary

Some people believe they can go through a divorce without needing legal help. However, having a third party facilitate a split may provide critical support and insight. A reliable legal team could improve the efficiency of divorce proceedings and encourage a more satisfactory outcome.

Divorce is never a decision people take lightly. Clearing up myths may help people considering a split to feel more confident in their decision.

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