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When is the best time to file for divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2023 | Blog, Divorce

If your marriage is not working out as you hoped it would, you might be considering filing for divorce. Still, unless you are in immediate danger, you probably can decide when to call it quits. You can file tomorrow, wait a few weeks or even put off your divorce indefinitely.

Choosing the perfect time to divorce can be somewhat like reading tea leaves, as many personal factors are likely to influence your decision. Nevertheless, for a variety of reasons, many individuals decide to end their marriages early in the year.

Divorce month

Many family lawyers refer to January as “divorce month,” as it comes after an extended and busy holiday season. Indeed, you might have had long-scheduled family plans that ended on New Year’s Day. Now that these plans are memories, moving forward with your divorce might make sense.

Tax implications

Most divorces conclude within a year, but your divorce may drag on for months. If you intend to file taxes as the head of your household next year, having your divorce begin and end in a single calendar year may make sense. Still, because tax law is complex, you should ask your tax attorney or accountant for specific information.

Your mental well-being

According to Psychology Today, divorce can be an emotionally draining process regardless of when you go through it. If you want to enjoy the rest of the year, getting your divorce out of the way early is probably wise.

Ultimately, while you can choose to end your marriage whenever you want, it is difficult to overstate the value of getting out of an unfulfilling marriage as soon as you can.

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