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3 ways to financially prepare for divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2023 | Divorce

With the inevitable challenges of marriage, not every union will stand the test of time.

Although Texas divorce rates continue to trend downward, divorces still happen, and they present their own challenges. Preparing financially may help ease the process.

1. Gather documents

From bank accounts to retirement savings and investments, most married people have an array of financial documents floating around. These documents serve a vital function during the divorce since they provide insight into a couple’s financial health. Gathering documents beforehand makes the next steps easier. This set of documents should also include any loans, credit card statements, tax returns and employer payment stubs.

2.  Evaluate assets and debts

After gathering documents, both parties need to gain a clearer picture of their financial standing. Depending on the situation, this step may involve opening individual accounts, reviewing beneficiaries and determining if one partner racked up more debt. Going through these documents with a fine-tooth comb helps ensure no surprises pop up.

3. Track expenses and income

During the divorce, the courts determine the most equitable way to split debts and assets. Another key element revolves around income and expenses. Tracking all household bills, monthly living expenses, entertainment spending and child-related financial needs assists the courts in determining potential spousal and child support. It also provides a solid record of how much a household spends, further bolstering the case.

While divorcing couples may want to focus on life after a divorce, they should not neglect their current financial situation. The above steps also pave the way to maintaining financial freedom in the future.

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