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Reviewing the most common reasons for divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2023 | Blog, Divorce

Challenges in marriage lead many couples to go their separate ways. Knowing the common reasons for divorce can help you address these issues proactively.

Awareness may prevent small marital issues from escalating to irreconcilable differences.

Breaks in communication

Spouses may struggle to express their needs, concerns and emotions to one another. This communication breakdown creates a void in the relationship. It can lead to misunderstandings, resentment and a sense of emotional distance.


Infidelity remains a significant factor in the dissolution of marriages. The breach of trust resulting from extramarital affairs can strain the foundation of a relationship. It often causes irreparable damage.

Financial strain

Disagreements over spending habits, debt and long-term financial goals can create tension. Eventually, stress over money can erode trust, contributing to the decision to divorce.

Lack of intimacy

Emotional and physical disconnect can be a driving force behind marital discord. When couples fail to nurture an intimate connection, it can lead to isolation and dissatisfaction.

Growing apart

Couples may find themselves growing apart over time. They may pursue individual goals and evolve in different directions. For example, CNBC reported that 46% of divorces result from career disagreements.

Unresolved conflicts

Persistent unresolved conflicts can lead to long-term resentment within a marriage. When couples are unable to address issues effectively, a toxic environment can develop.

External influence

Pressure from family, cultural expectations or societal norms can strain a marriage. Conflicting values and interference from relatives may create insurmountable tension.

Addiction issues

Struggles with substance abuse can significantly impact a marriage. The strain caused by addiction can break down trust, communication and relationship stability.

Mismatched priorities

Disparate goals can contribute to marital discord. When partners have conflicting visions for the future or opposing views on life decisions, their paths may no longer align.

If you are thinking about divorce, understanding the reason for your feelings can help you decide your next steps.

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