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Modifying a custody order

One of the most challenging parts of raising children as a divorced couple is figuring out what type of custody arrangement will best serve the needs of your children. Because these needs - and the needs and lives of parents - change over time, it is often necessary to modify an existing custody order.

How is alimony awarded in Texas?

Because it is not always easy to obtain, many Texas residents might wonder if spousal maintenance is available. The short answer is that spousal support, also commonly referred to as alimony, is available for residents who meet the statutory requirements. Below are the general requirements that must be met by the spouse seeking support.

How is a military divorce different from a civilian one?

Military personnel stationed here in Texas -- or their spouses who live in the state -- might be contemplating ending their marriages. However, the military divorce process might intimidate them because they believe that it is more complicated than a civilian divorce. Fortunately, military divorces are not more complex than civilian ones, but there are certain issues facing soldiers and their families that are not a consideration for those who do not serve.

Do not expect a high asset divorce to be amicable

When a marriage that lasted for decades comes to an end, there is no guarantee that Texas residents will be able to work together to settle their issues. No one should expect a high asset divorce to be amicable -- especially at first. Some couples are able to put aside their feelings for each other and hammer out their issues without ending up in court, but others discover that their soon-to-be ex-spouse has stopped caring and protecting them.

A business valuation is essential in a Texas divorce

Texas couples who decide to end their marriages will be required to divide marital assets. If there is a business involved, many factors will need to be considered before it is divided. Furthermore, a business valuation will need to be done, which could ultimately help the parties determine what will happen to the business.

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