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February 2017 Archives

In a high asset divorce, a spouse may hide money with Bitcoin

Once a marriage begins to deteriorate, issues of trust often emerge. In fact, trust may be the problem which erodes the marriage in the first place. Texas couples may find that their hopes for an amicable parting dissolve when the time comes to divide the marital property. In a high asset divorce, one spouse may suspect that the other partner is not being entirely honest about the wealth they share.

Business valuation is important before and after marriage

Few things complicate a business plan like marriage and divorce. While both may bring positive elements to a person's life at various points, they also place the company in jeopardy. If an entrepreneur does not take precautions, he or she may end up in the midst of a business valuation in preparation for dividing a company built with much blood, sweat and tears.

Military divorce has many unique aspects

Divorce is seldom easy, no matter the circumstances. However, if one spouse serves in the military, there are special factors that can cause serious issues if both parties are not informed. The ramifications of military divorce for both the servicemember and the civilian spouse can be long-reaching, and understanding one's rights before the settlement is final can make a difference in one's future.

Guitar at the center of Frances Cobain's high asset divorce

Music fans in Texas are likely familiar with the story of Kurt Cobain. While his death made headlines, it is his daughter's high asset divorce that is in the news currently. As part of the split,  Frances Bean Cobain and her estranged husband, Isaiah Silva, are battling over Kurt's guitar.

Alimony: one of many factors considered in Texas divorce

When people get married, it is a wonderful, joyous time, and they usually plan to remain married for life. In reality, many Texas marriages fail or do not even make it past the honeymoon stage. With divorce comes a variety of factors that will arise, such as alimony. When filing for divorce, each spouse should be aware of his or her financial background and standard of living. Being attentive to this could be key to a successful and expedient divorce.  

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