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January 2017 Archives

Alimony in Texas: understanding standard of living

Whether Texas spouses are living a lavish or more middle class lifestyle, their standard of living may come into play when divorce proceedings commence. Essentially, one's standard of living may be taken into consideration when a court determines the amount of spousal support, or what is more commonly known as alimony. Understanding this concept could potentially be beneficial to a spouse who is fearful of being unable to maintain a similar lifestyle after a divorce.

When confidentiality matters in a divorce

We have all seen the divorce cases that turn into a media spectacle, especially when high-profile couples are involved. Their personal lives become tabloid gossip, and private details about marital indiscretions, abuse allegations or financial holdings are exposed to the world.

Lowering risks during high asset divorce in Texas

Every divorce comes with its own issues as well as its own perks. Finding one's way through a high asset divorce in Texas will take some navigating, researching, appraising, forensic account digging and possibly even business valuations. Most people think of assets as something tangible rather than intangible. Both tangible assets, such as houses, and intangible assets, such as bank accounts, are certainly taken into consideration during a divorce.

The impact of alimony on taxes in Texas

Diving headfirst into a divorce without knowing the first thing about it is a pretty scary thing. When it comes to alimony, it can be the epitome of scary to some spouses while other spouses can't wait for the payday. In some Texas cases, alimony may not be an issue or option at all, as each situation is different. As they relate to taxes, these alimony payments may be deductible by the payer if certain requirements are met. Additionally, the payee may end up paying tax on this income.

Why a business valuation is vital during divorce

Taking into consideration one's financial assets and liabilities during a divorce is a very important factor. With a business being involved, it can certainly make things a bit more complex. When dealing with a business, financial accounts, tangible assets and liabilities are all taken into account during the course of a business valuation. In most cases, this can be a very tedious and time-consuming issue to handle. However, the assistance of a Texas attorney who focuses on family law would benefit any individual who may own a business while in the midst of divorce.

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