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How gray divorce affects standard of living for men and women

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2024 | Divorce

Gray divorce, or divorce among older couples aged 50 and above, has become more prevalent in recent years. This phenomenon can affect the standard of living for both men and women.

Understanding how gray divorce impacts the standard of living for men and women is helpful for navigating the complexities of late-life marital dissolution.

Financial implications for men

For men going through a gray divorce, the financial repercussions can be substantial. Many have spent decades building careers and accumulating wealth. They often did so with the assumption of sharing retirement plans and assets with their spouse. However, during divorce proceedings, these assets may undergo division. This can lead to a reduction in financial resources for both parties. Men may find themselves facing increased living expenses post-divorce. For example, they may face increased housing costs and health care expenses, impacting their standard of living.

Financial implications for women

Women in gray divorces may also experience major financial challenges. Many women in this demographic dedicated their lives to caregiving responsibilities. This can lead to interrupted career paths and lower earning potential. As a result, women may rely heavily on their spouse’s income and assets for financial security. However, in the event of a gray divorce, women may find themselves at a disadvantage financially. This is especially likely if they receive a smaller portion of marital assets or if they lack sufficient retirement savings of their own.

According to Kiplinger, the typical woman who divorces at 50 or older sees her standard of living fall by 45%. The average man in the same situation sees his fall by 21%. By understanding the challenges of gray divorce and taking steps to address them, divorcing parties can maintain financial stability and work to preserve their standard of living post-divorce.

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