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Guitar at the center of Frances Cobain’s high asset divorce

Music fans in Texas are likely familiar with the story of Kurt Cobain. While his death made headlines, it is his daughter’s high asset divorce that is in the news currently. As part of the split,  Frances Bean Cobain and her estranged husband, Isaiah Silva, are battling over Kurt’s guitar.

Courtney Love, Frances’s mother, claims that the guitar is a family heirloom. Despite the sentimental value that is likely attached to the musical instrument, it is one of only 300 that was manufactured and likely has a great deal of monetary value. Silva claims that Frances gave him the guitar as a wedding gift; Frances disputes those claims.

Because the two were unable to come to an agreement over ownership of the guitar, they are asking a court to come to a decision. In the meantime, Frances is asking to inspect the guitar in order to ensure that Silva is properly maintaining it. She is additionally asking that the guitar be given into the care of a neutral third party until the issue is resolved. Frances was previously ordered to pay Silva $12,000 a month in support during their divorce in addition to $15,000 for legal fees.

Unfortunately, a high asset divorce in Texas can also lead to similar contention. However, there are steps, including the creation of a prenuptial agreement, that a couple planning to marry that can take in order to prevent such issues in the event of a divorce. Even if there is no such agreement in place, having an attorney with experience regarding such cases can help ensure that an individual’s interests are protected.

Source:, “Frances Bean Cobain wants art company to temporarily keep father’s guitar”, Jan. 26, 2017

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