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Mel B’s high asset divorce includes prenuptial agreement

The lifestyles of celebrities provide as much entertainment as the movies or music they produce. For many in Texas, the luxurious homes, cars and clothing of famous people seem to be a fantasy anyone would want. However, when the personal struggles of a star become news, the truth often emerges. This may be especially true when a celebrity is involved in a high asset divorce.

Recently, Mel B and her husband Stephen Belafonte decided to end their marriage. Although the two had been married for 10 years, they had lately been estranged from one another. Mel B originally earned her fame as Scary Spice in the flashy girl band Spice Girls. In recent years, as a host and producer of the popular TV show “America’s Got Talent,” Mel B has built an estate worth about $60 million. Because Mel B wisely insisted on a prenuptial agreement, the divorce may not jeopardize her fortune.

However, her husband apparently placed his career as a movie producer on hold so that Mel B could pursue her own opportunities. It is said that he could receive over $6 million from her empire to compensate for the money he may have earned during that time. It is possible that the settlement will be higher if he is able to show that he would have earned more than that amount.

While many in Texas may be intrigued by the outcome of Mel B’s dispute, those who are going through their own high asset divorce may be focused on their own issues. Obtaining good advice from an attorney is recommended when substantial assets are at stake. Having an attorney with experience in complex divorce matters will ensure that one’s best interests are defended.

Source:, “Mel B’s Divorce May Cost Her Millions“, John Justice, March 25, 2017

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