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High asset divorce may stem from lack of partnership

Most married couples in Texas are not surprised to hear when researchers link divorce with money issues. Struggles or disputes over money have been a primary reason for divorce for generations, and hearing this in newer studies is not a shock. However, as the roles of men and women change in marriages, couples facing a high asset divorce may be interested in the conclusions of the latest research.

A growing number of women earn more than their husbands. In fact, about 29 percent of wives garner the higher salary, while 38 percent of wives are the primary earners. A Harvard Business Review study suggests that the rising salary of women correlates with the rising rate of divorce. Women seem dissatisfied with husbands who are less successful. Husbands, on the other hand, are more likely to suffer from anxiety and insomnia or to cheat on their wives if those wives earn a higher salary than the husbands.

The difference seems to be when husbands share the domestic duties. Marriages seem to last longer, even when wives earn more, if the husbands contribute to housework and child care. Emotional support is not enough, however; the men have to offer tangible help. In this way, both spouses seem to feel respected and appreciated.

The study concludes that women who are well-educated and successful no longer need to depend on a husband for financial support. In fact, perhaps what more couples want is an equal partnership in marriage, sharing both the financial responsibilities and the day-to-day toil of family life. When this partnership is not realized, divorce is often the result. In Texas, those dissatisfied people may turn to an attorney who is skilled and experienced in high asset divorce issues.

Source: Miami Herald, “Women earning more means divorce is more likely — unless husbands do housework”, Kate Irby, May 4, 2017

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