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Air Force to support custody agreements

The U.S. Air Force has many female as well as male service members from Texas and across the country. Many wind up married with children, but some eventually obtain a divorce. Separate living quarters when one or both parents are active U.S. Air Force personnel can raise custody issues. To ease the burden on both parents, Air Force officials say they will try to station air personnel with child custody orders closer to their children whenever possible.

More Air Force personnel nearer to their children

Whether the child is biological or adopted, a Texas divorce order affirming at least partial custody will trigger an effort to station the personnel as close to the child as possible. If Air Force personnel have joint custody of one or more child, the Air Force would do its best to prevent stationing them on opposite sides of the world, nation or even state. That helps to prevent undo hardships for both parents as well as the children.

No power to veto assignment

While the Air Force affirms that it will do its best to honor court custody agreements when issuing duty assignments, the personnel do not have total power to veto any pending assignments. Ultimately, the Air Force will station personnel where they are needed most and in accordance with their particular areas of expertise. If possible, the affected air personnel can petition for a station assignment that will better enable relationships with their children while reducing tensions with ex-spouses.

Air personnel can appeal assignments

If an assignment would cause hardship for an Air Force employee with children and a custody agreement, that person can appeal a pending assignment based on the custody order. Air Force staff will assess the matter and determine whether the assignment can be changed or if the employee is indispensable and must fulfill the assignment.

The change in policy means that more Air Force personnel should benefit from custody agreements. An experienced Texas divorce attorney may help to argue custody matters effectively and work to keep parents with their kids.

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