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Ways divorce affects children

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2021 | Divorce

Divorce affects Texas children in many ways depending on what led to the divorce itself. A study conducted by Social Forces examined familial and socioeconomic factors across a sample of around 16,000 individuals to better understand their risk of reacting poorly to their parents getting a divorce. They cross-referenced this data with the academic outcomes of the families who ended up getting a divorce alongside those who did not. This study concluded that children who come from families with low risk factors for a divorce that still get a divorce have a greater likelihood of performing poorly in an academic setting and a higher chance that they will not finish up their education.

Should you avoid filing for a divorce?

You may be wondering if this means that you should avoid getting a divorce in spite of the problems that are in your marriage. While evidence regarding the effects of divorces on children is continually evolving, family law research suggests that opting to file for a divorce is preferable to staying in a high-conflict marriage. Other studies show that the impact of getting a divorce depends more on how the parents treat each other, rather than the divorce itself. For this reason, it is important that you and your partner make a concerted effort to stay on the same page as you both go through the divorce process.

Is there anything else you should be mindful of when getting a divorce?

Mental health issues can occur when parents get a divorce. In addition to academic concerns, parents should be mindful of the mental toll that going through a divorce has on the children. This is because children who come from divorced families are at higher risk for facing psychological issues due to the traumatic nature of the divorce process. These issues are usually anxiety disorders or depression, but sometimes the issues are more difficult to reveal.

As you can see, the impact of parents getting a divorce varies mostly based on the environment provided for the children. In high-conflict situations, getting a divorce is generally the best way forward. It is also important to stay mindful of the mental health of the children as you go through the divorce.

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