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5 questions to ask a prospective Texas divorce lawyer

| Mar 12, 2021 | High Asset Divorce

As you prepare for your initial consultation with a prospective divorce attorney, you may experience feelings of uncertainty or intimidation. For those who have never gone through a divorce, remember that such feelings are completely normal.

Unfortunately, the way you feel during the consultation could affect how your meeting proceeds. For example, if you feel overly apprehensive, you might not be comfortable enough to speak candidly. Without an honest exchange of information, the prospective attorney cannot give you the counsel you need.

Asking questions serves 2 purposes

Divorce attorneys understand the whirl of emotions you are experiencing. Most of them know how to make you feel at ease as your meeting proceeds. However, you can help by asking questions, which serves two critical purposes. It can take your mind off your emotions and helps you get the personalized information you need.

Make a list of questions relevant to your unique situation. The section below contains five questions many people in San Antonio ask of divorce attorneys.

  1. Do you have experience with divorce cases like mine?
  2. Will you handle my divorce yourself or pass it off to an associate?
  3. What is your communications policy, and what hours are you available for any questions I may have?
  4. Can you tell me what to expect during the divorce process?
  5. Are you committed to standing by me through my divorce?

If you share kids with your spouse, you may also want to ask about child custody and support. If this is a high-asset divorce, consider asking about property division as well.

Start working on your list of questions early and add more as they come to mind. Before you know it, you will feel much better about getting to know and trust the divorce lawyer you ultimately select.

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