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4 tips for co-parenting at a parent-teacher conference

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2023 | Blog, Divorce

Your child’s education is important, and both parents play an important role in supporting their education. Parent-teacher conferences offer a valuable opportunity for parents to engage with educators and stay informed about their child’s progress.

For separated or divorced parents, effective co-parenting during these conferences is essential to your child’s academic journey.

1. Effectively communicate

Establish clear and open communication before the conference begins. You should each understand the goal of laying personal differences aside to promote your child’s success. Begin by sharing important information, such as the conference date and time, well in advance. Allow both parents to plan their schedules accordingly and actively participate in the conference.

2. Present a united stand

Both parents should present a unified front. This means discussing important matters before the conference so both parents are on the same page regarding the child’s progress, strengths and areas needing improvement. Showing a united front conveys a sense of stability and support to educators, which can positively impact the child’s school experience. Divorce lowers the probability of a child completing high school by 8%, so parents need to do what they can to ensure their child’s success.

3. Assign roles

Acknowledge that each co-parent brings unique strengths and insights to the table. During the conference, dividing specific topics or areas of concern can allow each parent to contribute meaningfully to the discussion.

4. Actively participate

Both parents should share insights but also actively listen to what the educators say. Ask thoughtful questions to show interest in your child’s progress and express an eagerness to support their growth.

Coming together for the sake of your child’s education is an important part of co-parenting. Respectfully work through differences to present a unified and supportive approach to your child’s educators.

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