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How to deal with a stonewalling spouse during a Texas divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2023 | Blog, Divorce

According to Statista, roughly 40,000 Texas residents get divorced each year. If you are going through a divorce, you know that it can be a challenge. Navigating the turbulent waters of divorce becomes even harder when faced with a spouse who refuses to communicate or cooperate.

Stonewalling, a term often used in relationship counseling, describes when one partner withdraws from interaction, shuts down and stops responding to their partner. In the context of a divorce, this behavior can drag out the process and amplify the emotional stress for both parties. If you find yourself in this situation during your divorce, employing effective strategies can make a difference.

Stay calm and patient

Reacting to your spouse’s stonewalling with frustration or anger only escalates the situation. Remember to remain calm and patient. Avoid raising your voice or making accusations, as these actions can exacerbate the situation.

Seek mediation

Consider seeking mediation as an alternative to confrontational discussions. A neutral third party can help facilitate communication between you and your spouse, making the process less adversarial.

Focus on effective communication

When discussing matters, ensure you speak clearly and concisely about your needs and concerns. Avoid placing blame. Instead, use “I” statements, as they help in expressing feelings without being confrontational.

Take breaks when needed

If you notice conversations becoming too heated or unproductive, suggest taking a break and revisiting the discussion later. This gives both parties a chance to cool down and approach the topic with a clearer mind.

Document everything

Keep a record of all communications and attempts at communication. This documentation can serve as evidence of your efforts to reach an agreement and move the process forward.

Stay focused on the goal

The ultimate goal is to finalize the divorce and move forward with your life. Keep this in mind, especially during tough moments. Prioritize what truly matters and choose your battles wisely.

Dealing with a stonewalling spouse during a divorce can test your patience and resilience. By knowing how to handle the situation, you can work towards a resolution that allows both parties to move forward. Remember, every challenge presents an opportunity for personal growth and development.

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