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Four considerations for choosing the right Texas divorce lawyer

Taking a range of factors into consideration may help divorcing Texans choose the family law attorney best suited for their circumstances.

In 2013 alone, the Texas Department of State Health Services reports there were 76,423 reported divorces across the state. For those who make the difficult decision to split from their spouses, regardless of the duration of their marriages, the first step they often take is hiring an attorney. While it may seem that each lawyer is as qualified as the next, different legal representatives may be better suited for different clients and situations. Therefore, it is important that people use care when selecting their divorce attorney to ensure they hire the right representative for them and their families.


Every couple and family are unique, and so are their needs when it comes to divorce and family law cases. For one divorcing couple, the priority may be dividing their shared assets, including a family-owned business. For another, the focus may be on the children and the custody arrangement. Furthermore, some cases may be contentious, while others are amicable.

When considering attorneys to represent them in their divorce cases, people should keep their situations in mind. Looking into their potential choices’ credentials, including experience in the courtroom and with alternatives to litigation, may help divorcing Texans identify lawyers whose knowledge and experience is in line with their needs and legal agendas.


Divorce and other family law matters are often of a sensitive nature, and may involve discussing personal details. For example, the grounds for seeking a divorce in the state of Texas include the following: adultery, cruelty, insupportable differences, abandonment or otherwise living apart, and felony convictions or confinement in mental institutions. Since such information may be pertinent to their cases, people must feel comfortable sharing with their attorneys. To this end, they may consider how compatible their personalities seem based on their initial meetings and whether their styles seem to mesh.


Most people are aware of the importance of a first impression, including lawyers. Furthermore, an initial interview or consultation often does not provide enough time for people to get to know how an attorney works. As such, it may be challenging for those seeking legal representation to determine whether a lawyer is the right fit for their circumstances and objectives, or not.

Fees and billing

As people who are getting divorced extricate their funds and separate their assets from those of their partners, their budgets may be tightened. Consequently, the amount they can afford to spend on legal costs may limited. When considering potential legal representatives, people should take into account each attorney’s retainers, fees, and billing schedules and options. This may help them rule out those options whose charges may be outside their budgets.

Looking to the future

The end of a marriage is often a life-changing experience for people in Texas and elsewhere. The legal representatives who they choose to handle their divorces act on their behalf, and thus, may have a significant impact on the outcomes of their cases. Working with an attorney who they have taken the time to carefully choose may help people protect their interests and settle their cases, so they are able to begin the process of moving forward.

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