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Modifications, Enforcement And Clarifications Of Family Orders

As your life changes, the arrangements you finalized in your divorce may need to change as well. The law allows you to make modifications to child custody, child support, visitation along with any of the terms set out in your final decree. Additionally, the law allows for clarification orders of terms that may be inconsistent in the final divorce decree. It also allows you to enforce orders if your former spouse is not complying.

At the Law Offices of Rebecca Gonzalez, P.C. in San Antonio, Texas, my team and I have substantial family law experience, including in modifications. We can review your situation and determine whether you are eligible for modification, and I can help you revise arrangements based on current circumstances. If your former spouse has not followed the divorce orders, we can help you explore your options for enforcement. Perhaps you have been the target of enforcement actions because you allegedly did not comply with divorce orders. we can counsel you on your options as well.

Eligibility For Modification

Modifications to child custody, child support and spousal support require a significant change in circumstances. An example of a significant change of circumstances would be a career change that impacts the time you spend with your child, requiring a change to your parenting plan. Modifications of support may be needed in the event of job loss or a dramatic change in income. For the father, the birth of a new child may require the modification of support. Change in income may lead to a decrease or increase in child support payments. Spousal support may need to be increased if in the course of divorce the income of the supporting spouse has increased or the supporting spouse has received a promotion. Spousal support or post maintenance divorce support is not able to be modified after the divorce is finalized.

Relocation is a unique type of modification. As your attorney, I can provide you guidance if you wish to move away with your child. I can also help you understand your options if your former spouse has threatened to move away with your child, and you are worried that your relationship with your child is in jeopardy.

Enforcement Options

There are a variety of options that can be used to enforce orders. Ultimately, your goal is to have your spouse comply with orders. As your lawyer, my role is to facilitate you getting payments or time with your child. I will strategically use the various enforcement options, including contempt of court that could potentially lead to jail time, fines being imposed on the opposing party or an award of your attorney’s fees.

If you are the target of enforcement actions, I can counsel you about the steps you should take to get in compliance and avoid penalties. If you have not followed orders because of a change in circumstances, I may assist you in pursuing a modification.

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Whether you need help with changing or enforcing a divorce order, I can help. Contact me today at 210-888-9836 or toll free at 800-823-6321 or, if you prefer, by email. Evening and weekend appointments are available, upon request.

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