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Guiding You Through High-Asset Divorce

There can be many complications that come with divorce. While it may mean the opportunity to start a new chapter in your life, there can be a lot at stake when it is time to divide assets. These assets typically have monetary and emotional value, meaning that you and your spouse may be at odds over where to make compromises.

When you have valuable assets on the line, such as vacation homes, business real estate and investment portfolios, it is essential to have a skilled lawyer to help you negotiate. At the Law Offices of Rebecca Gonzalez, P.C., I can guide you through the asset division process.

Supportive Representation For Your Most Valuable Assets

I have worked with many divorcing couples going through high-asset divorces, which generally involve multimillion-dollar estates. Texas is a community property state that requires asset division to be “just and right.” This does not necessarily mean a 50-50 split, but does look at other factors. When it is time to consider these factors, you want to have an attorney who understands how to work with financial professionals and will fight for your fair share of the assets.

Who Gets The Collections And Investments?

Over the course of your marriage, you may start or add to valuable collections or investments. For certain collections, there is more value if all of the items stay with one owner rather than dividing them between you and your spouse. On the other hand, if the collection is incomplete or completion does not add value, it may be simpler to negotiate how you want to divide the items.

Although investments may not have the sentimental value that tends to come with collections, some investments will have more significant potential to grow in value. Your retirement investments are crucial to your financial future. Often, projected value can be unpredictable, but with knowledgeable support, you can make a reasonable decision.

When you or your spouse own a business, it can be a more challenging investment to divide (/division-of-business/). Often, a business has a combination of monetary and emotional value since significant work goes into making the business successful.

Whether you are a business owner, an expert investor or unsure how investments like these work, it is critical to have a skilled lawyer who can help you advocate for a just division of your marital assets.

Splitting Real Estate

When you and your spouse own several pieces of property, it can be challenging to determine what division is best for both of you. You may also have second homes, investment real estate or business real estate. These often present challenges since they may, like other properties, have the potential to fluctuate in value and may represent a more significant personal investment of time or money by you or your spouse.

These negotiations can be stressful. At the Law Offices of Rebecca Gonzalez, P.C., I am dedicated to advocating for your interests.

Talk To An Advocate You Can Count On

I am ready to guide you through the asset division process as you go through your divorce. I have evening and weekend appointments available upon request. Call my San Antonio office today at 210-888-9836 or toll free at 800-823-6321. You can also contact me online to make an appointment.

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