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Father’s Rights

Helping Father’s with Divorce, Custody and Child Support Issues

Texas courts provide for equal rights among mothers and fathers in court proceedings. However, there sometimes exists a natural bias toward women when it comes to family law issues such as custody and child support arrangements. However, in recent years one of the trends in family law is to help men get full custody. Whether a child spends more time with his father or mother comes down to what is in the best interests of the child. Our firm believes that fathers have the same rights and should have the same opportunities as women in family law related matters. Whether it is a custody case where a father is seeking custody and the right to determine primary residency or a 50/50 custody arrangement, we are here to fight for our clients as well as the well being of their children.

Having an experienced and competent female attorney can help overcome some of the bias in our judicial system. We look at the facts independent of the sex of the parent. Through examination of witnesses such as relatives, school officials, teachers, and physicians, we are able to create a clear understanding of the relationship you have with your children. Custody battles can be long and difficult, but a well prepared case can mean an easier mediation and settlement and going to court. However, if a custody case does need to go to trial, rest assured we will represent you zealously.

On cases unrelated to custody, we are also able to mediate favorable settlements. Whether you have a child support matter, alimony or visitation issue, we are here to help.

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