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Child Support

Texas has set guidelines for determining the amount of child support that should be paid. Several factors are used to calculate the exact amount of payments, including:

  • Each parent’s income
  • Work-related child care costs
  • Health insurance costs
  • Pre-existing child support obligations

The court may also consider other factors in setting child support such as unusual needs of the child, or the ability of the parent to pay more or less. Whether you are seeking child support or are required to pay it, your case can benefit from the advice and counsel of a skilled lawyer.

At the Law Offices of Rebecca Gonzalez, P.C. in San Antonio, I have substantial experience helping people facing a wide range of family law concerns, including those related to child support. With extensive knowledge and experience with the child support guidelines, I will help you determine what child support payments will be based on the needs of your family.

Why You Need An Attorney To Assist With Child Support Payments

Many people in Texas believe they do not need a lawyer to help with child support enforcement because the attorney general’s office handles such issues. However, the attorney general’s office does not advocate for individuals. If you want an advocate to enforce your child support rights, you need a lawyer.

Other people think that because there are guidelines in place that dictate the calculation of child support, they can handle these matters on their own. However, the guidelines are only effective if all other information is accurate, particularly income information.

One of the benefits of enlisting my law firm to assist with child support is that I will take great care to make certain nothing is overlooked and all numbers entered into the child support formula are accurate. This is especially valuable when one or both parents have income that may not be immediately obvious, such as income from a business, work bonuses, oil and gas royalties and other unique sources. Income like this is easily overlooked, but it should not be because it can benefit the child.

Furthermore, there are situations in which parents will need to deviate from the child support guidelines. I can recognize the need for deviation in situations in which the child has special needs, or income levels are beyond that which are accounted for in the guidelines and argue forcefully on your behalf.

Learn More About Child Support In An Initial Consultation

I am available to answer your questions about child support payments. Contact me today at 210-888-9836 or toll free at 800-823-6321 or, if you prefer, by email. Evening and weekend appointments are available upon request.

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