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Why do fathers in Texas often feel unfairly criticized?

A recent study has revealed that the majority of fathers feel like they’re unfairly criticized for their parenting techniques. In February 2019, C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital conducted a survey of over 700 fathers with at least one child. 52% of the men surveyed reported being criticized by other people about their parenting. The criticism usually came from the other parent, but they were also criticized by grandparents, friends and even total strangers.

Why are men often criticized about the way they parent?

According to the survey, the most common complaint regarded the way they discipline their children. The fathers also reported being heavily criticized about not giving their child enough attention, feeding them unhealthy foods, being too rough with them and not paying attention to their safety.

As a response to the criticism, nearly half of the men surveyed said that they tried to listen to the criticism and change their parenting for the better. However, a large percentage of men felt that the criticism was largely unfair. Some men said that they felt less confident and felt like they weren’t part of their child’s life. Others admitted that being criticized made them want to be less involved in parenting their child.

Where can parents go for guidance about child custody issues?

Child custody issues can frequently lead to criticism and hostility from the other parent. As a result, some fathers might find it beneficial to hire an attorney for guidance. An attorney might be able to help them resolve conflicts and negotiate for child custody and visitation rights. An attorney might also be able to help them decide if they should fight for full custody or commit to joint custody with their former spouse.

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