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Business valuation includes intangible factors

The spouse of a business owner facing divorce may be justifiably concerned about how the business will impact the divorce proceedings. If no prenuptial agreement exists, the business is likely subject to property division according to Texas community property laws. This means that a business valuation may be necessary in order to determine how the business will be apportioned between the owner and the spouse.

Business valuation may be avoided with careful planning

Marriage and business certainly have many common characteristics, especially when they are coming to an end. If an entrepreneur is facing a divorce, however, the last thing he or she may want is for the business to get caught up in the division of assets. This could easily mean the demise of an enterprise he or she has labored to build. Nevertheless, without taking precautions, Texas business owners may find themselves facing business valuation and the division of their hard-earned assets during a divorce.

Business valuation in Texas: 3 approaches

A Texas couple going through a divorce already has a lot to deal with. If they have children, custody and support may be primary concerns. Beyond that, the appropriate division of property is essential for both parties to be able to maintain a reasonable standard of living after the divorce. When assets include a business, a new complication arises, particularly if the business is considered community property. In order to decide how the business will affect the division of property, a business valuation will be required.

Business valuation may be necessary if joint owners divorce

For many in Texas, joining together as a couple goes beyond sharing a home and raising a family. Some couples decide that starting their own business is the best way to use their common talents. When both the business and the marriage are successful, things may be ideal. However, if the marriage doesn't last, the business may suffer, and in some cases, this may require a business valuation.

Business valuation includes many elements

Divorce is difficult on many levels. There is no question that both spouses deal with emotional turmoil, and most marriages experience a certain amount of financial upheaval during a divorce. However, if one or both spouses is a Texas business-owner, that business may also suffer during asset division. Before decisions can be made about how to handle the company as a marital asset, a business valuation may be in order.

Business valuation is important before and after marriage

Few things complicate a business plan like marriage and divorce. While both may bring positive elements to a person's life at various points, they also place the company in jeopardy. If an entrepreneur does not take precautions, he or she may end up in the midst of a business valuation in preparation for dividing a company built with much blood, sweat and tears.

Why a business valuation is vital during divorce

Taking into consideration one's financial assets and liabilities during a divorce is a very important factor. With a business being involved, it can certainly make things a bit more complex. When dealing with a business, financial accounts, tangible assets and liabilities are all taken into account during the course of a business valuation. In most cases, this can be a very tedious and time-consuming issue to handle. However, the assistance of a Texas attorney who focuses on family law would benefit any individual who may own a business while in the midst of divorce.

Why a business valuation is crucial in a divorce

Many Texas residents who are married also own their own companies. They pour their blood, sweat and tears into making the business a success and everyone in the family benefits from it as long as the marriage is good. If a divorce occurs, the fate of the business is uncertain. Your spouse might be entitled to a portion of the company, but how much is he or she entitled to? A formal business valuation is typically a crucial part of the process.

A business valuation is essential in a Texas divorce

Texas couples who decide to end their marriages will be required to divide marital assets. If there is a business involved, many factors will need to be considered before it is divided. Furthermore, a business valuation will need to be done, which could ultimately help the parties determine what will happen to the business.

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