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Uncontested Divorce

Many people opt for an uncontested divorce if they have very few issues to discuss in terms of property division, support and custody, and if both parties are in agreement with regard to any decisions to be made. An uncontested divorce is the fastest way to end a marriage, and ultimately the cheapest, least legally complex way.

The Law Offices of Rebecca Gonzalez, P.C., in San Antonio, Texas, represents clients for a wide range of family law matters, including uncontested divorce. I am Rebecca Gonzalez, an experienced divorce lawyer with clients across the state. I can help you come to a marital agreement that suits your needs and protects your future. I create a comprehensive plan that accounts for matters like child support, spousal support, child custody, marital assets, marital debt and the division of property. Typically the only fees involved in this process are for legal counsel and filing costs.

If your uncontested divorce involves child custody we may have to have a social study prepared by an expert who evaluates you and your home life. This expert will prepare a report recommending one parent or the other to the court. This report is outside our legal fees and will be split by the parties.

Even filing for uncontested divorce can lead to more questions than answers. Contact me today to discuss how I might be able to help you.

Experienced Bexar County No-Fault Divorce Attorney

Many family law attorneys recommend uncontested divorce, or at least a more amicable approach, because litigation can be expensive. Also, resolving a divorce through settlement or mediation is typically more effective, less costly and keeps more control over the outcome with the spouses, rather than with a judge who does not know your specific needs. Instead, all parties have a say and can walk away as amicably as possible.

As an experienced San Antonio uncontested divorce attorney, I can guide you through every aspect of the legal process. I believe that peaceful resolution of home-based conflict through counseling and mediation often leads to more fulfilling and holistic outcomes at faster and more affordable rates. My family law firm makes it a priority to put the family’s best interests first.

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